Our customer profile span across continents and includes brand loyal clients worldwide.

Profilex is the worlds trusted Czech source for a wide range of premium quality metal working tooling and machine tools accessories. Profilex is reliable supplier of broad range of castings, forged products and semi-finshed parts for Czech industry.

Our core characteristic is to supply durable Czech made tools that are comparable in quality to higher priced European or American made products. Outstanding traditional Czech brands of "NAREX, SKODA, POLDI, TOS, PROFIL.CZ, ZBROJOVKA, ZPS, SOMET, PILANA, KINEX, STIMZET, SIGMA, CARBORUNDUM, TONA, ZBIROVIA, AJAX" have been sourced from carefully selected Czech manufacturers.

Profilex offers you European class products backed by European class services:

  • Following quality controls
  • Manufactured as per Czech standards CSN and as per international standards like ISO and DIN too
  • Prompt shipments of orders
  • Tailor made delivery and sales conditions
  • Ready stock of fast saleable items
  • Tools built to order
  • Traditional good packaging

    We develop and supply broad range of items as per customers drawings for their further production in many factories in several EU countries namely: CASTINGS- made from Nodular Iron, Grey Iron and Cast Steel, FORGED PRODUCTS made from various steel by die forging, mass series of CNC MACHINED PRODUCTS and Standard or SPECIAL FASTENERS too. On your request we can prepare especial offer also for specified "Second hand" Machine Tools from the large stock sources.

    For customers looking for "package deals" we have an offer too. There are possibilities to offer such consignments from different "clearance stocks" or from stock of factories changing production by chance.

    Words from the management - Company philosophy

    "Our goal is to serve in the tools"
    - (and fast execution of all orders are our rules).

    Thank you for choosing of Profilex Ltd. as your tooling wholesale supplier for all metal machining jobs. We know what you want and need because the both undersigned partners are experienced in the line of the tools already tens of years.
    We hope to be in very close personal relations with our customers giving our reliable service.

    Mr. Antonin ProchazkaMr. Milos Langr

    Somet Skoda Zbrojovka Poldi Kinex
    Z Carborundum Sigma Narex TOS
    Pilana ZPS

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